Savage Metalworks specialises in welding with various welding process using Mig, Pulse Mig, Tig, Pulse Tig and spot welding on various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


2016-10-03-12-44-31_resized_2Cutting Limits

Our bandsaw in our shop has the capacity to cut up to 10 inches of round and square stock
The hydraulic shear in our shop can cut steel pp to 1/4″ by 10′
We have a CNC plasma table which is able to cut up to 1″ thick steel
We are able to provide punching services up to 1-1/4″ DIA up to 3/4″ plate steel
Notching can be done in 2×2″ sections in plate steel up to 1/2″ plate steel.

Drilling & Tapping

Drilling and tapping services are available on most types of material up to 2″ in diameter

2016-10-03-13-17-58_resizedBending Limits

Hydraulic Brake Press
Our Hydraulic brake press can bend various materials up to 1/4 Inch thickness by 10ft long
Pipe and Tube
1 inch to 2 inch dies up to 180-degree bends

Various bending tools are available for flat bar and round stock


16″ Round X 5′ Long,  2″ through hole
General Milling operations